Frequently Asked Questions

The Atrium/Mall area can seat up to 250 guests with a dance floor and round tables of ten guests each. The Gallery level can hold up to 150 guests with a dance floor and round tables of ten guests each. Each room can hold varying amounts if you’re not interested in dancing or a traditional seated event. Please ask the Old Post Office staff for other configurations.

Both the Atrium and Gallery levels are available to rent Thursday thru Sunday. Sorry, we do not allow events Monday thru Wednesday. On Thursdays and Fridays events need to start after 6:00pm and any time on Saturdays and Sundays.

On Thursdays the Atrium/Mall level is $1,250.00 and the Gallery level is $750.00.

On a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday the Atrium/Mall level rents for $2,500.00 and the Gallery level rents for $1,250.00.

The venue fees listed are only for the venue rental.

Ceremony only costs are: $1,000.00 for the Atrium/Mall level and $375.00 for the Gallery level.

No, we do not require a minimum amount as long as you are using one of our listed caterers.

Typically, no. We are contracted with the three caterers on our list and highly recommend all three. If you have a specific dietary or cultural concern please contact us.

We require that you use the bartending staff from one of our three listed caterers. Please ask the caterer you choose about bringing in outside alcohol.

Yes we do require a dance floor for any event that has dancing. You can rent a dance floor through your caterer or we can give you names of companies that could provide one.

We do not stock linens, flatware, glassware, etc. We recommend you work with your caterer to rent these items to ensure all items are delivered the day of your event and can be set up without issue.

We do not provide an on-site event planner however someone from our staff will be there for the duration of your event to coordinate the different vendors that you’re working with. If you’d like to hire an outside event planner, that is up to you.

If necessary, minimal items could be stored at the facility with prior permission.

A day matron or day porter is someone from our contracted cleaning staff that we hire specifically for your event. This person arrives for your event approximately a half an hour before it starts, they clean and stock your restrooms each hour, clean up any messes throughout the event, and clean up after all guests and rentals are out of the building. This service is billed back to you following the event. An average event only requires one day matron.

We do require security for large events. An average event only requires one extra guard who arrives approximately a half an hour prior to your event and stays until all guests are safely out of the building. This service is also billed back to you after the event.

The cleaning/security deposit is a separate check for $500.00 that we hold until after the event. We would put this money towards any emergency cleaning or security issues that might arise during your event. Luckily, we haven’t had to do this very often so we take the hourly cleaning and security costs (see above) out of this check and issue you a new check for the difference should there be any. For most events there is a refund and you can expect that approximately a month after the event is over.

Yes! We do require that all candles are in a votive or container of some sort that is higher than the flame of the candle inside. Please ask the OPO staff about other decorations.

On Thursdays and Fridays, set up can begin at 3:00pm. On Saturdays and Sundays you can begin set up 4 hours prior to your event start time unless otherwise arranged with the OPO staff.

Your guests are welcome to wander into our museum during your event but we do not allow food and drink to be served from there. If a guest walks into the museum with a drink to look around, that is fine.

We do not own a sound system or AV equipment but we are happy to recommend companies that could provide those things for you.

We do not provide a coat check but you could arrange this service through your caterer.

Should you choose to cancel your event we would retain your deposit for the venue space which is half of the rental fee. Depending on the timing of your cancellation, some refund of the remaining venue fee may be returned to you.